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I feminism’d.

There is NOTHING WRONG with a woman expressing her sexuality. Or being sexual.

There IS something wrong with a woman’s sexuality being represented as SIMPLY FOR MEN.

The media says “women don’t have a sexuality except when men make them. Women are dependent on men. A woman mustn’t express sexuality unless she is a plaything.”

There is something wrong with women in the media being expressed as either in TRADITIONAL ROLES


I have never seen any form of media where a woman takes charge of her sexuality and says “I AM GOING TO HAVE SEX. I AM GOING TO HAVE SEX BECAUSE I ENJOY IT. NOT BECAUSE A MAN WANTS TO HAVE A WANK OVER ME.”

There is NOTHING WRONG with a man who doesn’t want to be hypermasculine.

It is completely ridiculous to believe that men cannot cry. Or be gentle.

It’s silly to think that a man is less of a man for wearing an apron or expressing emotion.

Girls are brought up from a young age to believe that their worth is directly related, or really, entirely tied up in their appearance.

Not their beliefs.

Not their intellect.

Not their attitude.


Their weight.

Their clothes.

Their makeup.

That’s completely ridiculous.